Cactus Burrito

SoCal burrito restaurant in Musashi-Shinjo, Kawasaki



Because of COVID19, we are open only for takeout now and our schedule is fluid.
Please check our Instagram or other SNS pages to see our further schedule. Thank you.

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通常営業時の営業時間(our open hour on normal days)

(opens daily except otherwise noticed. We tend to close once a week. *We are open only on weekends lately...)


Our monthly schedule sometimes doesn't follow the business hour below.
Please visit the schedule page, our facebook page, our Instagram page which is also shown on this website or give us a ring for the accurate schedule.
Thank you!

月-金(Mon-Fri) 17:00-22:30(L.C. 22:00)

土(Sat)   ランチ12:30-15:30(L.C. 15:00)
ディナー17:00-22:00(L.C. 21:30)
*We are often closed for lunch time...Please check our schedule beforehand. Thank you.

日(San) 17:00-22:00(L.C. 21:30)

Non-smoking, hole in a wall burrito joint where your tummy says yummy;)
We have been serving the best So-Cal style burritos in Musashi-Shinjo, Kawasaki since 2007.
A lot of our customers enjoy our burritos, carne asada fries and so on as well as our good selection of bottled craft beer and cocktails.

Sorry, we don't take credit card. We don't do to-go either unless you order food to go while you are dining in. Thank you for your understanding. Our tortillas are homemade and not plant based. Although we try to provide plant based ones all the time but we might run out of them. Please make a reservation and notify us at least 2days beforehand if you definitely need plant based tortillas.